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서울 오페라 극장





Seoul, Korea

Education & Culture; Competition

The Nodeul Island is a by-product of the brutal planning performed as part of an urban redevelopment of the 1980s. The sinuous edge of the Han River was straightened and fortified with concrete bulkheads, replacing existing ecosystems with the mistaken understanding that it would prevent flood hazards, Its abundant white sand was dredged and mixed with concrete which was used to build riverfront highways and housing blocks along the river. Likewise, with the sand, numerous seasonal activities along the riverfront were taken away which provided a great public space: thousands of people could swim and mingle on the expansive sand beach in the summer and the frozen river provided a natural skating ring in the water.

Devising a cultural complex on the Nodeul Island emerges from strategizing a reclamation of the glorious years of public leisure which once dominated the site. The white river sand restored as a catalyst of both culture programs and leisure  activities also sponsors ecological re-habitation of indigenous flora and creates an urban public waterfront accessible for all.

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