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Team        : Donghyun Kim, Eubum Lee 

Methods  : Stylo-foam, CNC Hotwire Cutting, Grasshopper

Staircase provides a variety of activities. Facing a simple meal, tea time, relaxation, conversation, and a laptop is a little more variety, such as activities with business stance is required.

The site is stairs in front of Museum located in Sejong University. There are many stairs horizontal 380mm vertical 170mm the students relax or coffee drinking is a simple place to dine. This wide variety of activities happening place because of the limited width of the stairs but the poses of the activities takes place in a variety of difficult.

Parametric System

The parametric system forms the shape of the bench that created curves line generated by three parameters. There are three parameters to create the curve are as follows: First, the height of the bench and back plate. Second, The width of the sitting. Third, Foot location. Pivot point and the stairs are fixed size 

19 Modular Sectioning Unit

The modular units comprising a total of 19 were built thick 20mm. The unit is fixed between the rods of circular 50mm.  Users can select the required unit of 19 units can be assembled off the bench

Diversity Freeform of the Modular

Using the modular units, each with 19, users can create the desired form of the bench. Sometimes, sitting alone and facing bench, sitting as both lay down and relax in the form of a bench, in the form of simple packed lunches to eat bench, etc.

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