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시립 송파 실버 케어 센터





Seoul, Korea

Public; Competition

The concept for the residential care home in Songpa were held by insistent ideas: motivate the senior patients to get through treatment and contribute to better disease management.

The interior public space was introduced to create a positive link between the privacy of the everyday living within a geriatric center and the surrounding city life outside. A central atrium is designed for not only providing the elderly with bright environment which promotes being in touch with nature and the sun, but also enhancing the close relation between inhabitants of the residence by bringing additional visual stimulus. The atrium stair is acting like trekking route that connects all public spaces across levels. These public spaces enable the inhabitants  to participate actively or passively in the community life.  The use of these spaces can be individually adapted and the inhabitants have the choice, whether and in which format they want to engage with the other residents.

Circumferential terraces offer a direct contact with the outside world while healing gardens with disabled practice track bring them a renewed calm that they can bring back with them into the bedroom.

With this approach, we hope to create not an elderly care institution in the conventional sense but the housing for gathering together and enjoying more activity of its users.

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