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Seoul, Korea

Landscape; Competition; Public

Series of islands on Han River made a unique landscape that has never seen in other urban rivers worldwide. The past and future of Seoul could be seen through its river islands which were created both by long-term processes of erosion and urban development. Therefore, the islands could be landmarks and historical monuments of Han River.

In this concept, by proposing new Ferry terminal as a new island, we mean to strengthen this undiscovered character of Han River as well as present visitors a way of contacting river differently. It would help the ferry riders to enjoy river life and pushing park users to start their new journey of exploring the river in different perspectives.

Beyond the function of a transport hub, The Terminal Island would implement the services and commercial activities to the complex of Han River islands.  The canopy ring acts as the guiding route that engage tourist with park users’ activities. It connects the public spaces around the river included the pier, the waiting area, the meadows and, the entrance bridge. The glass wall intergrated with the canopy provide shelter  for multiple activities.

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