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고산 도서관





Seoul, Korea

Education & Culture; Competition; Public

This is an architectural design competition for the realization of the Gosan Library in Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Library which is expected to start construction in 2013.

The purpose of the competition is to seek a wide range of ideas to build a sustainable public library that can accommodate the recent changes in various knowledge transmission media as well as changes in library user demographics. This is in keeping with Daegu Metropolitan City’s new policy direction, which the city is aiming toward, of becoming a knowledge-based economy from its past as a distribution based city.

In this project, we create a space that emphasizes natural light, sustainability, education, and community while representing a new understanding of what the future of a library will be. Not just a quiet, mundane room to sit and read books, libraries will become a place of enlightenment.

The library dock is aimed to provide a way for both the city and the public library to interact. We aspire towards the creation of activities and perfectives through efforts at collective every day’s memory and life. The dock is not just things library. They give the true meaning of everyday life between planned and non-planned cities. It is this which becomes the foundation of people’s daily lives, as the park itself becomes a place for the meaningful engagement within civil society. The dock makes a difference to libraries.

The structure, furniture, and multiple libraries spaces have been combined so as to create an inviting public space, opening up the interior to the exterior space. The facade is conceived as a translucent curtain of acrylic elegantly embracing the existing building and creating a new opening, blurring, and various figure. This new composition underlines the unity of the town and its extension as one piece of architecture. The facade varies from totally clear and transparent over translucent to opaque. Because of the many elements of irregular shapes and the variance in translucency, the facade is a beautiful play of shadows and reflections.

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